Databases, QoS, and Performance Management

I’ve been recruited. A team working with a large service provider is developing a scalable approach to performance management leveraging ONTAP quality-of-service (QoS). They asked for thoughts. Friends don’t let friends use FlexShare There was a primitive QoS capability on the older ONTAP 7 systems called FlexShare. It worked okay, but it was never designed as […]

Migrating a whole %*$# array

One of the nice things about my role at NetApp is a lot of freedom to pursue projects I think will help advance our presence in the enterprise application and database space. About 25% of my time is linked to specific requests from management, but the rest of my time is discretionary. When I was […]

Oracle Migration

Wanna move an Oracle database? I wrote a 96-page guide to Oracle migration, available here. The important information is in the first 15 pages. They explain the migration options in terms of benefits and drawbacks. The options include LVM-based migration,  ASM rebalancing, log shipping to standby databases, replatforming, etc. The point is for the reader […]

Storage Systems and Free space

One additional note about the updates to TR-3633: It includes a section on free space recommendations. How much free space do you need on a storage system? It depends. We’re recommending you keep 10% free on an all-Flash system used with databases. This is mostly because there’s a point where you’re running the risk of […]

TR-3633 Oracle on ONTAP Updated

I’ve published a new version of TR-3633, the Oracle on ONTAP technical guide. I added the following content: Oracle on ONTAP Cloud, ONTAP Select, and NetApp Private Storage (NPS) A section on performance testing and benchmarking of database storage systems A few notes about using Oracle on ZFS within a Solaris LDOM Here’s an overview of […]

Practical Cloud Backup and DR

Welcome to my first substantive blog entry. There’s a link to a complete video demonstration below, but first here’s an explanation… Early in 2016, my management asked me to check out AltaVault. I’d never touched one of these things at all, and I have to say this is a seriously cool product.It’s so good, I […]

Why am I here?

People keep asking me the same technology questions over and over. I finally decided it would be easier to just centralize some of the answers in blog format so they can be more easily referenced and shared. I also get to play with a lot of really cool technology. I work in engineering in the […]