Migrating a whole %*$# array

One of the nice things about my role at NetApp is a lot of freedom to pursue projects I think will help advance our presence in the enterprise application and database space. About 25% of my time is linked to specific requests from management, but the rest of my time is discretionary.

When I was writing the Oracle migration document mentioned in a previous post, I decided to take a closer look at a newer feature called “Foreign LUN Import”. I requisitioned a mixed SAN environment (thanks Graham!) and started experimenting.

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Why am I here?

People keep asking me the same technology questions over and over. I finally decided it would be easier to just centralize some of the answers in blog format so they can be more easily referenced and shared.

I also get to play with a lot of really cool technology. I work in engineering in the solutions department. My role is to look at all the pieces and try to build compelling solutions to real-world problems. Sometimes technology speaks for itself, but sometimes there’s a need for explanation and illustration to see the value. Once again, it’s easier to put some things in blog format to fully explain the value.

This is, in the end, yet another IT blog, but I’ll try to keep posts as interesting as I can.

I also might post interesting vacation photos from time to time.