Oracle Database Data Protection

I’ve just published two new TR’s covering Oracle Databases on ONTAP: Database Data Protection: Backup, Recovery, Replication, and DR Oracle on MetroCluster: Integrated Data Protection, Disaster Recovery, and High Availability This is all-new material, it’s an expansive topic, but this is the first publishing and as a result I’m sure I’ve overlooked something. […]

Oracle RAC and misscount

Anybody out there modifying the Oracle RAC parameter called misscount? I wrote the Oracle on ONTAP best practice guide, also known as TR-3633. My recommendation in TR-3633 about changing the value of misscount is getting controversial again. I’m getting complaints from Oracle support relayed through customers. This parameter normally has nothing to do with storage IO, […]

NFS vs FC vs iSCSI

Which protocol is the best protocol of all? I’ve been designing large and small-scale infrastructures for about 20 years now, and I know which protocol is definitely the best. The Big FC Shop Sometimes I work on a project at a large enterprise with a massive FC infrastructure, with millions invested in switches, monitoring software, processes […]

AltaVault & Automated Disaster Recovery

Wanna see a fully automated, scalable, flexible approach to disaster recovery in the Cloud? Click here. As mentioned in a previous post, AltaVault is NetApp’s Cloud-integrated backup appliance. I spent some time kicking the tires last year, and I immediately saw the potential in using it for automated DR. It’s just x86 code, and it […]

Databases, QoS, and Performance Management

I’ve been recruited. A team working with a large service provider is developing a scalable approach to performance management leveraging ONTAP quality-of-service (QoS). They asked for thoughts. Friends don’t let friends use FlexShare There was a primitive QoS capability on the older ONTAP 7 systems called FlexShare. It worked okay, but it was never designed as […]

Migrating a whole %*$# array

One of the nice things about my role at NetApp is a lot of freedom to pursue projects I think will help advance our presence in the enterprise application and database space. About 25% of my time is linked to specific requests from management, but the rest of my time is discretionary. When I was […]