Insight 2017

It’s time for the NetApp Insight Conference. I’ve got several presentations this year, plus I’ll be running around talking to customers and partners, plus one I’m scheduled for one interview and one session in the mini-theater.

I’ll be mentioning some additional resources in some of my presentations, and rather than asking everyone to squint at a PowerPoint slide and write down a long URL I thought I’d create a post. I will keep updating this post during the event and a few days beyond.

Here’s the summary of documents followed by a list of videos:

Oracle on ONTAP Best Practices

TR-3633 is an evolving document that details the critical information anyone using Oracle on ONTAP needs to know. It can’t cover everything, but it’s got the must-know information. In particular, it has some information on Oracle virtualization that you won’t find anywhere else.

Oracle Migration

Customers and account teams were constantly asking questions about migration options. The right approach was a massive “it depends”, so I created TR-4534 to explain the available options, and there are a lot of them, and information about how to pick the best option. DBA’s will get useful information on non-Oracle based applications, and non-DBA’s will get a better understanding of database-level options.

Database Data Protection

TR-4591 is a sort of companion document to general best practices TR-3633. There used to be a smaller appendix in TR-3633 that covered the basic principles, but I decided it was time to make something more detailed.

This document current covers the Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server, but I intend to add material on MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL, and DB2. I’ve partially written a lot of it already.

Oracle on MetroCluster

TR-4592 shares a lot of content with TR-4591, but it’s aimed specifically at MetroCluster deployments and the principles of using Oracle with a synchronous mirroring storage solution.



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