AltaVault & Automated Disaster Recovery

Wanna see a fully automated, scalable, flexible approach to disaster recovery in the Cloud?

Click here.

As mentioned in a previous post, AltaVault is NetApp’s Cloud-integrated backup appliance. I spent some time kicking the tires last year, and I immediately saw the potential in using it for automated DR. It’s just x86 code, and it runs on physical hardware or in a VM, including a variety of Cloud environments. That opens the door for some very cool DR scenarios.

There’s no need to build, buy, or license anything ahead of time. Just let AltaVault replicate all the backup data to inexpensive Object Store storage in whatever Cloud you like. Hopefully you’ll never need to recover that, but if you do have a disaster just provision some VM’s, including the virtual AltaVault, and commence the restoration.

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