Oracle Migration

Wanna move an Oracle database?

I wrote a 96-page guide to Oracle migration, available here.

The important information is in the first 15 pages. They explain the migration options in terms of benefits and drawbacks. The options include LVM-based migration,  ASM rebalancing, log shipping to standby databases, replatforming, etc. The point is for the reader to fully understand the range of options and then pick whichever is best for them.

There’s a flow chart on page 9 too that summarizes the choices. It looks like this:


The rest of the document is procedures. I might have gone overboard on providing detailed examples, but I always like seeing the actual command that should be issued, and the output from those commands. It’s not intended as a specific guide, it’s more to illustrate the principles explained in the first 16 pages to a technical audience.

There is no true best practice. The best option for a given situation depends on the current database layout, the desired migration layout, and the business needs that govern the database.

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