Insight 2017

It’s time for the NetApp Insight Conference. I’ve got several presentations this year, plus I’ll be running around talking to customers and partners, plus one I’m scheduled for one interview and one session in the mini-theater. I’ll be mentioning some additional resources in some of my presentations, and rather than asking everyone to squint at […]

Oracle on Docker+ONTAP

I started experimenting with Oracle on Docker a few months ago. Years ago, I was invited to a few meetings with Docker folks, but nobody could see a need to support persistent storage for Docker containers. Obviously if you want to run a database, you’ll want persistent storage, so I lost interest. I knew NetApp […]

Oracle Database Data Protection

I’ve just published two new TR’s covering Oracle Databases on ONTAP: Database Data Protection: Backup, Recovery, Replication, and DR Oracle on MetroCluster: Integrated Data Protection, Disaster Recovery, and High Availability This is all-new material, it’s an expansive topic, but this is the first publishing and as a result I’m sure I’ve overlooked something. […]

Oracle RAC and misscount

Anybody out there modifying the Oracle RAC parameter called misscount? I wrote the Oracle on ONTAP best practice guide, also known as TR-3633. My recommendation in TR-3633 about changing the value of misscount is getting controversial again. I’m getting complaints from Oracle support relayed through customers. This parameter normally has nothing to do with storage IO, […]

NFS vs FC vs iSCSI

Which protocol is the best protocol of all? I’ve been designing large and small-scale infrastructures for about 20 years now, and I know which protocol is definitely the best. The Big FC Shop Sometimes I work on a project at a large enterprise with a massive FC infrastructure, with millions invested in switches, monitoring software, processes […]

AltaVault & Automated Disaster Recovery

Wanna see a fully automated, scalable, flexible approach to disaster recovery in the Cloud? Click here. As mentioned in a previous post, AltaVault is NetApp’s Cloud-integrated backup appliance. I spent some time kicking the tires last year, and I immediately saw the potential in using it for automated DR. It’s just x86 code, and it […]