NetApp NVMe for your database

I’ve been assisting with Oracle tests on NetApp NVMe over Fabric (NVMeoF). The results are really impressive, but there’s a few things worth explaining first… NVMe is not media! There’s a lot of confusion, some of it deliberately created, that NVMe is storage media. NVMe is a protocol, not a type of drive. You could […]

Performance and Storage Efficiency

This is another post that for a particular customer (Hi folks!) on a topic that comes up frequently, so here I am posting again. Defaults Currently shipping ONTAP AFF systems will by default to use the most appropriate settings, which means inline deduplication, compression, and compaction. Overhead? Efficiency features require at least some CPU work. […]

There ain’t no Best Practices

I got a reply to the previous post about ASM and NFS that contained the dreaded question: Does oracle/netapp have any best practice on this ? I’m usually opposed to Best Practices. It get nervous whenever someone declares something a “Best Practice” in the IT world because that’s frequently interpreted as an unbreakable law. “Best […]

Oracle 12c, ASM and NFS

We are seeing a lot of customers who are concerned that NFS has been desupported in RAC with 12cR2. We got the same concerns with 12cR1. What actually happened is Oracle removed support for certain RAC configuration files directly on a filesystem, NFS or otherwise, with new 12cR1 installs, although older 11g installs could be […]

Oracle Databases and Efficiency

I’m the author of TR-3633, which covers the use of ONTAP space efficiency features with Oracle databases, but here’s a longer explanation of the options. Deduplication Personally, I recommend wholly disabling deduplication for Oracle databases outside a few edge cases. The reason is there are normally no duplicate blocks to be found. Each Oracle block […]

Insight 2017

It’s time for the NetApp Insight Conference. I’ve got several presentations this year, plus I’ll be running around talking to customers and partners, plus one I’m scheduled for one interview and one session in the mini-theater. I’ll be mentioning some additional resources in some of my presentations, and rather than asking everyone to squint at […]

Oracle on Docker+ONTAP

I started experimenting with Oracle on Docker a few months ago. Years ago, I was invited to a few meetings with Docker folks, but nobody could see a need to support persistent storage for Docker containers. Obviously if you want to run a database, you’ll want persistent storage, so I lost interest. I knew NetApp […]